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(1) More than 50 Players from our Academy have played in B.C.C.I. Trophies in Under-14, 16, 19, 22 & Ranji Trophy in the last 17 years for U.P., Indian Railways, Tripura, Assam, Bihar, Sikkim, Meghalaya, Haryana & Jharkhand.
(2) Akshdeep Nath, the Vice Captain of the Under-19 World Cup Winning Team in 2012 and U.P. Ranji Trophy Player is a product of our Academy. He had joined our Academy as a 6 years old child in 2000.
(3) Mohsin Siddiqui of our Academy has been selected for Kings XI Punjab team in the IPL Trophy for 2012-2015.
(4) ASCA is the only Academy in U.P. which has the facility of World Class Bowling Machine with 21 variations for speed & Spin. We also have imported Crazy Catch Gadget, Australian Katchet Gadget and Side arm ball thrower.
(5) The Academy has conducted two International Cricket Camps in which coaches from SriLanka were invited.
(6) The Academy gives Annual Scholarship to 2 prominent players each year.
(7) The Academy has hostel facility for players coming from outside cities and States. Boys from Delhi, Punjab, Uttara Khand, Bihar and throughout Uttar Pradesh are taking training in the Academy.
(8) The Academy has top class training system, we invite professional fitness expert and counsellors to guide the players from time to time. The academy has participated in many International Tournaments in SriLanka, Malaysia, Bangladesh & Nepal. Many players of the academy are also playing professional league in Zimbabwe, Canada, Malaysia & SriLanka.
(9) Boys fom age 6 to 17 can take admission in the Academy.
(10) The Academy also organises many All India Cricket Tournaments for Under-12, 14, 16 age group Boys. The Academy also participates in many All India Tournaments and has also been the winner of many tournaments.
Lucknow Junior Premier League 2014
Lucknow Junior Premier League 2014
ASCA Members With The Bowling Machine.
Batsman Facing Speed Of 15oKM. From The Bowling Machine.
World Class Bowling Machine With 21 Variations Of Fast Bowling & Spin Bowling.
Demonstration Of Various Fitness & Agiliti Equipments.
ASCA Director with his student Akshdeep Nath who was Vice Captain India U-19 World Cup Winning Team 2012
ASCA Team in Malaysiya 2012
Test Player Gopal Sharma and Mohd. Abbas U.P. U-17 & U-19 ASCA Player with Director
ASCA Team in Dhaka, Bangladesh
in the year 2009
ASCA Team with Sanath Jayasurya SriLankan Player at Colombo, SriLanka in 2011
ASCA Team in Kathmandu, Nepal
in 2003-2004
ASCA Team Photograph of Indo -
SriLanka International Camp 2012
ASCA Team Photograph of fielding & catching drill
Cricket Bowling Machine

About Us

Uttar Pradesh has the leading representation in India cricket at present. The success of Mohd. Kaif, R.P. Singh, Piyush Chawala and Praveen Kumar has Opened new gateway for every young cricketer of U.P. to excel in international level.

Abhijeet Sinha cricket Academy (A.S.C.A) provides ideal platform for young and focused cricketer to taste the success through its professional guidance from grass root level to advance Bio-Mechanism to every trainee.

Abhijeet Sinha Cricket Academy (A.S.C.A.) is the oldest & most trusted Cricket Academy of U.P. The aim of the academy is to nurture cricketers is a clean, healthy and disciplined atmosphere. The Academy gives guidance in physical fitness, technical knowledge, Mental awareness, which is necessary for every young cricketer!


• A.S.C.A is the pioneers in starting professional Cricket training in U.P.

• Over four dozen boy of the Academy have played for state teams of U.P, India Railways, Jharkhand, Bihar, Tripura and Sikkim in under-15, under-17, under-19, under-22, Ranji trophy and Vizzy trophy tournament of B.C.C.I.

• The Academy has boys from Uttarakhand, M.P., Karnataka, Delhi, Haryana and all over U.P. who are taking regular training in the Academy.

• The Academy participates in many prestigious All India Cricket tournaments throughout India to give exposer to the boys.

• The Academy boys have won many prestigious All India Cricket tournaments at Banalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Guwahati, Dehradoon, Vadodora and Ahmedabad.

• Our Academy team has also undertaken International tours to Nepal, Bangladesh and sri Lanka, The Academy also has a plan to tour England, South Africa, Australia, Newzealand in future. We have also invited overseas teams from Nepal and muscat in the past.

• The Academy also organizes all India tournament for under-12, under-15, under-17, and under-19 boys every year.

• The Academy also gives a scholarship of Rs. 3000/- every year to the most Outstanding player of the year.

• The Academy also has Hostel facility for outstation boys.

• The Academy also has transport facility.

• The trainees get their Coaching under experienced state and international level players.

• The timing for training will be from Monday to Saturday between – 4 to 6.30 P.M and on Sunday and Public holidays boys will be called in the morning.

• The Basic aim of this Academy is to nurture young cricketers in a clean, healthy and disciplined atmosphere. The Academy would specification work hard on physical fitness, mental awareness, basic techniques and all the other important aspects of the game.

Our Members

  • 1- Secretary cum director-: Abhijeet Sinha, former U.P. and central zone player (Chief Coach)

  • 2- Panel of visiting Coaches-:

  • (A)- Mr.Ashok Sharma, former Railway Ranji trophy player.

  • (B)- Mr.Vishwajeet Sinha, former India International and U.P. Ranji trophy player.

  • (C)- Mr.Rudra Pratap Singh (Sr.), former India player now in settled in U.K.

  • (D)- Mr. Asif Jafar, former U.P. and railway ranji trophy player.

  • (E)- Mr.Yousuf Ali Khan, former Railway Ranji trophy Captain.

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Day 1 Departure from Lucknow to Mumbai by Train.
Day 2 Arrival in Mumbai and Hotel stay.
Day 3 Departure from Mumbai for Johannesburg by flight and check in at Morkel Foundation guest house.
Day 4 Rest Day – DJ night at Indian restaurant with Buffet Dinner.
Day 5 1st Match of 40 overs.
Day 6 2nd Match Day/ Night under flood lights of 45 overs.
Day 7 3rd Match of 40 overs.
Day 8 Visit to Sun city entertainment park. Entry fee will be paid by us and lunch will be served at the park.
Day 9 4th Match 40 overs.
Day 10 5th Match 40 overs.
Day 11 Visit to Lions park wildlife sanctuary by bus and Johannesburg City tour.
Day 12 6th Match 40 overs.
Day 13 Check out and departure for Mumbai.
Day 14 Departure from Mumbai for Lucknow
Day 15 Arrival at Lucknow.


Abhijeet Sinha Cricket Academy (A.S.C.A.) is one of the most accomplished professional Cricket Academy of Uttar Pradesh since 1995. It has its base in Lucknow, the Capital City of Uttar Pradesh. The Academy has produced over 40 boys who have represented States Like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Indian Railways, Meghalaya, Assam, Haryana, Tripura, Sikkim and Manipur in B.C.C.I. Under-15, Under-17, Under-19, Under-22 and Ranji Trophy.

The list of the successful players is given below:-

1 Vishal Raj U.P Under -14 in 2015
2 Umar Maunwar U.P Under -14 in 2015
3 Suyash Saroj U.P Under -14 in 2015-2014
4 Rohit Dwivedi U.P Under -14 in 2015-2014
5 Abhishek Yadav Jharkhand Under -25 in 2015-2014
6 Akshdeep Nath U.P. Under-16, Under-19, India Under-19 And Ranji Trophy. He was Vice Captain of India Under-19 team which toured Australia in 2012.
7 Preadeep Sachan Captain of U.P. Under-15 in 2001-2002 also played for U.P. in Under-17 from 2002-2004. He later played for Tripura State Under-22 and One day Ranji Trophy team. He is currently employed with Indian Railways.
8 Ishtiyak Ahmad Played in Vizzy Trophy and Under-22 and is currently employed in Indian Railways.
9 Mohd. Abbass Played for U.P. Under-17 and Under-19 team from the year 2008-2010. He also played for Bengal Under-22 team in 2011-2012.
10 Arun Lal Played for U.P. Under-19 team in 2001- 2002.
11 Vipin Solanki Played for Sikkim State Under-22 team in 2008 and he was also the Captain of the team. He is also employed with Indian Railways at present.
12 Amit Singh Represented Sikkim State Under-22 team in 2007-2008.
13 Shailendra Kumar He was the first player from the Academy to get International entry as he represented Singapore Under-19 and Senior Team in A.C.C. Trophy in mid-nineties.
14 Kuldeep Singh Played for Haryana Under-19 team in 2006-2007.
15 Aakash Tripathi Played for Haryana Under-16 team in 2007-2008.
16 Ravi Gupta, Shantanu Srivastava, Vivek Srivastava, Amit Kharka, R. Jha, Mayank Goyal played for Under-17 State Teams of North East, INDIA from the year 2007-2009.
17 Shashank Goyal Played for Sikkim State Under-15 team in 2007- 2008.
18 Lokesh Kumar Played for Meghalaya State Under-16 team in 2010.
19 Rinku Singh Played for Meghalaya State Under-19 team in 2010.
20 Yash Panwar Played for Meghalaya State Under-22 team in 2011.
21 Anzar Ahmad Played for Meghalaya State Under-19 team in 2012.
22 Sandesh Yadav, Dharmendra Yadav & Sambhav Jain played for Sikkim Under-22 team and 2009-2010.
23 Balbir Singh Played for U.P. Under-19 team in 2003-2004.
24 Kumar Devang and Raghav Jhingran Represented U.P. Under-15 in 2004-2005.
25 Gaurav Mishra and Nitin Yadav Played for U.P. Under-19 team in 2004-2005.
26 Dharmendra Yadav Played for Sikkim Under-22 team in 2008.
27 Anupam Singh & Daroga Yadav Played for Sikkim Under-19/ Under-22 team in 2008.
28 Suresh Yadav Played for Bihar Under-22 team in 2000-2001.
29 Tukaram Naik Played for Sikkim Under-22 team in 2008.
30 Surendra Tiwari Played for SikkimUnder-19 team in 2011.
31 Devesh Singh Was selected for U.P. Under-16 Camp in 2011.
32 Pushkal Kumar Played for Manipur Under-19 State team in 2009.
33 Mayank Goyal Played for Under-15 State team of North East in 2007.
34 Tarkeshwar Sahani Played for Under-22 team of North East in 2008-2009.
35 Mohd. Rafi Played for Arunachal Pradesh State Under-16 team in 2011.
Apart from all the successful players of A.S.C.A. many players have also got the opportunity to play abroad in Countries like – SriLanka, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Singapore, Nepal and England. The Academy also takes its team out of India for better Exposure to the Boys every year. The Academy also has a concrete plan to send its boys to South Africa, Australia, Zimbabwe, Canada & Newzealand in the coming years.
Director, A.S.C.A.
Former U.P. State Player

Our Aims

The aim of our Academy is to revolutionze the coaching pattern in the areas like skill, mental development , technique, Physical fitness and player's decision making ability through our team of expert Coaches so that the players learning process improves and gives him the confidence to excel at the highest level.

Our Academy also provides coaching not only for practice purpose but we guide the players to prepare for the matches, we also give tips regarding strategies, laws of Cricket , to have positive mind set, to be motivated and take out the best of themselves. The Academy also guides the players regarding self esteem, goal setting and how to cope with pressure and mistakes, how to prevent injuries from occuring and regarding the value of healthy food habits.

More than 60 players of our Academy have played for B.C.C.I. Under-14, Under-16, Under-19, Under-25 and Ranji trophy Which clearly indicates the coaching pattern and capability of our Academy. There is plenty in store for every young and budding players at Abhijeet Sinha Cricket Academy.

There are Millions who dream of playing good cricket,Abhijeet Sinha Cricket Academy helps some of them reach their dreams successfully.


Chief Coach)
Abhijeet Sinha Played for U.P. under-19 and central zone under-19 teams for 1975 to 1977.He was also selected for India Under-19 camp in 1976-77 season. He was fast medium bowler during his under-19 days. In 1978-79 he went to West Bengal to play professional League in a division at located for MOHEMEDAN Sporting Club. He was one of the leading batsmen for his club and later he was picked for Bengal State team for Wills trophy in 1979 as a pure batsman. In the 1980 came back to U.P. and was selected for U.P. Junior ranji trophy teams as a batsman. Played from 1980 to 1981 for U.P. in C.K.Naido under-22 and central zone team. He was U.P. leading batsman for many years till 1988 having scores more than 25 centuries in various All in India, State and Local senior league tournament. In 1995 he opened in Uttar Pradesh first Professional Cricket Academy which till date in the leading Cricket Academy of U.P. having produced more than forty players who had played B.C.C.I trophy in the last 15 years.

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Recognized by : Uttar Pradesh cricket Association
Address : 43-wazir Hasan Road, Lucknow-226001, Uttar Pradesh, India,
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